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Learning Log – Twitter

13 Feb

So far I am really enjoying this module.  I am thrilled about my iGoogle homepage.  I love having everything in one place.  Google docs & forms are going to revolutionize how I collaborate, assess and gather data.

Regarding Twitter, I had no idea how essential it could be for my professional development.  I already feel like I’m “in the know” and I haven’t even really begun.  In Ernie Cox’s article, “Building a Future-Ready Professional Learning Network”, the idea of coordinating or being a part of a “tweetup” with other educators to discuss the 21st Century Learning Standards, for example, is awesome.  I know this is probably rare but it still intrigues me.  Now, I don’t have to feel alone in my thoughts about what I’m studying.  I can blog, tweet, comment, post, or whatever about it.  That’s a good feeling . . . knowing there are other professionals out there who are passionate about the same things I am passionate about.