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Learning Log – Flickr Slide Show

3 Feb

For the Love of Food


My Flickr Set supports MSDE indicator:

4.5.A.2 Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade.

Students will write an entrée description for a menu, either at home or at a restaurant,  containing enticing  words to describe and persuade the reader to choose that food.  In previous lessons, students would have learned the techniques used in advertisements to persuade readers to buy.  They would have also analyzed many advertisements to identify the “razzle dazzle” words and other opinionated and persuasive language.  Now, it will be their chance to apply that knowledge.  Students will view the slideshow, choose a food from one of the slides, and compose the tantalizing entry.  Students must include vivid language.

As I am learning about the different literacies students will need to engage in as 21st Century learners, I was wondering what visual literacy is and Flickr is it!  Flickr has a myriad of uses in education: virtual field trips, creative writing, an alternative to PowerPoint, digital portfolios, maps, and teaching copyright and fair use.  In addition to the creative writing, I would like to try Flickr maps to show students where current events are occuring in the world.


Learning Log – Flicker Gallery

1 Feb

Science Fiction Genre Study – Activator

Our next genre study is science fiction; so, I thought it would be a cool idea to create a gallery containing various elements of the genre.  Before the students view the gallery, I will ask them to take notes on the images they see.  After the viewing, I will ask them what they think the images represent.  Some may say: science, space, aliens, etc.  Then, I will inform them the images are related to science fiction and that they’ve already created their lists of the characteristics or elements of science fiction.  This will lead to further discussion and an introduction to novels.