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Digital Story

5 Feb

This digital story is intended to be used as an activator/preview for Unit 1 of the fifth grade social studies curriculum.  Students will get a glimpse of some of the events leading to the American Revolution.  Students could record notes on a KWL chart while they view this digital story.


Learning Log – Digital Storytelling

29 Jan

I spent most of today learning about digital storytelling.  I enjoyed the articles and the step-by-step approach David Jakes provides.  The University of Houston has an amazing collection of examples and everything you need to know to embark on this endeavor.  My son, Donovan, was assigned an autobiography project.  He’s supposed to use PowerPoint to publish it.  How cool would it be for him to complete a digital story instead?  Hmmm. . .

The common message through all of the readings was, in Jason Ohler’s words, “. . . focus on the story first and the digital medium later”.  The writing process was stressed as the most important component of the entire lesson.  I really appreciated that, because it seems technology can overshadow what it is students are supposed to learn in the first place.

Today’s 21st century learner will meet multiple standards by completing a digital story.  Digital storytelling is an invaluable technology to enhance student learning.