Learning Log – Final Reflection

6 Mar

After revisiting the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, I now feel competent in several areas.  I feel confident enough to advocate and demonstrate the integration of technology in my building for teacher and student use.  My only question is the issue of student privacy. 

I have joined a local technology Ning in my school district.  I plan on adding content and learning new strategies and best practices.  I have shared many of the technologies I learned in this course with my fellow teammates including DIIGO, TeacherTube, Skype, classroom blogs, and Animoto.  My first experience with Skype was with a colleague.  I have used Animoto to introduce and preview new reading group novels and Glogster to introduce a science unit.  Using Google forms showed me that 59% of fifth graders view the media center as a place to learn new information.  However, 22% say they learn new technology there.  My next survey will be to find out what technologies students use at home.

I hope to make a difference for my students and help them become practicing 21st Century learners.  I plan on building a toolkit (within a wiki) that will assist me in my endeavors that includes important documents like Andrew Churches’ “Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy”, UDL checklist,  AASL and NET*S/T standards, the University of Houston’s Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling, and Alan Levine’s 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story to name a few. 

Chris Dede said it best when he stated, “There is no single best model for learning, either for student learning or for teacher learning.”  We all require multiple avenues and I intend to deliver.

Thank you Lori and Margaret for pushing me to become a more effective teacher.

One Response to “Learning Log – Final Reflection”

  1. thinktech8 March 7, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    You’ve made great strides…and the fact that you are already sharing your learning with your colleagues tells me you will be an effective technology leader! Kudos! Good luck with all you strive to do.

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