Learning Log – Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

27 Jan

After reading Marc Prensky’s article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, I have begun to rethink my teaching practices.  Prensky suggests that “thinking patterns” have changed in students with the digital world they have grown up in.  I can accept that theory.  What I cannot accept is that their physical brains have changed according to Dr. Bruce Berry.  It’s obvious I need to try new learning and teaching technologies in my classroom.  The question is what should I try first?  I want to incorporate one technology at a time so that I really get the hang of it and it becomes a natural part of the class.

By the way, my “digital accent” is pretty strong.  I still print important emails and draft on paper instead of on-screen in many cases.  How strong do you think your “digital accent” is?

I was also thinking that if I had a classroom blog, right now, I could post updates to my students.  I could remind them to complete certain assignments, like their reading log, even though we are out of school due to the snow.

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